Safety Nets.

Just over a month ago, I was comfortable. I lived with my family, in the home that my parents had bought together when they got married some 30+ years ago. A lot changed very quickly since then, in many ways that I don’t think I really could have prepared for. My job has a program … Continue reading Safety Nets.


There was a long period of time where I was out of the house much more than I was at home – I felt like that was a productive use of my time. Being out and getting to know other people, socializing late into the evenings, just being out and away for basically the whole … Continue reading Home.

Finding “Me”.

We all go through “phases”.  At least that’s what we call segments of our lives later on in life when we look back and reflect back on our past.  Different personas that we claim to be “Me.” I think I’ve gone through my fair share of “Me’s” over the years.  I was the cool guy at … Continue reading Finding “Me”.